What is a Car Title Loan?

A car title loan is a loan that a bank gives to a client, using the client's car as collateral. The loan amount is almost equivalent to the market price of the car or vehicle. If the borrower fails to pay the loan, the bank confiscates the vehicle and resells it to cover the loan amount.

The process of getting a car title loan is considerably easy and quick. It is a short-term loan, in which the repayment period is 14 days to a month. As the repayment period is very short, the interest rate charged on this loan is very high. Banks demand a written title loan agreement from the borrower at the time that the loan is granted. Borrowers are expected to read the entire contract very carefully and understand all the clauses before signing. All the terms and conditions are deemed understood by the borrower after the agreement is signed.

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These car title loans are available to almost anyone, who has a clear title of a paid off car. Documentary proof of income, identification and age are essential in order to take advantage of a title loan. Only individuals who are eighteen years of age are eligible for the loan. One of the most important factors of a car title loan is that a credit check is not done, so even borrowers with a bad credit history can take advantage of this type of loan. Thus car owners can easily apply for and receive a car title loan if they have fully paid for car at their disposal. These loans offer convenient ways of getting much-needed funds in an emergency situation.

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